Brotherly Love and Baseball



June 23, 2018 - 12:12 AM

From left, Noah, Levi and Blake, pose during the time Levi played for Emporia State. Photo courtesy of Sharon Buckle.

Brothers Levi, Blake and Noah Ashmore scramble around an empty baseball field that’s still lit up at night for a crowd that’s already made its way out after a sweep by the Iola Indians that signals, perhaps, good things to come.

Each brother is doing his part to clean up the Allen Community College field along with the Indians’ two other coaches and one or two other players that haven’t yet split.

Levi rides the tractor to drag the infield while Blake and Noah grab bases to take back to the dugout. It’s an arrangement they’ve become familiar with for most of their lives. The Ashmore brothers have been bonded by blood and, maybe more importantly, by baseball.

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