Barrelling through her golden years


Local News

November 23, 2018 - 10:22 AM

Debby Daniels, 68, continues to compete in barrel racing. REGISTER/RICK DANLEY

It wasn’t very long after Debby Daniels broke her ankle in a barrel racing accident that her mother, Bonnie Johnson, began to wonder whether it might be time for her 68-year-old daughter to hang up her spurs. “I can’t believe you’re still out there running barrels,” said Mrs. Johnson.

But Daniels isn’t just another idle hobbyist or some smiling retiree who’s decided she needs a new way to spend her free time. Nor is she that species of sentimental contender who hangs on to the sport of her youth long after that sport has passed her by.

Ask the folks at the National Barrel Horse Association about Daniels, they’ll tell you who she is: Debby Daniels is number one.

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