At the ready

Aaron Kienzle credits his parents, Steve and Frances Kinzle, for instilling in him a duty to serve others. He's a regular volunteer at Sunday Soups and other community efforts.



November 23, 2020 - 9:57 AM

Aaron Kinzle and Mitchell Ewy live a quiet life in Iola, but Kinzle is always ready to lend a helping hand, something he credits his parents for teaching him. Photo by Tim Stauffer / Iola Register

Aaron Kinzle gives his parents, Steve and Frances Kinzle, all the credit. And that spirit — never one to bask in the spotlight, and always ready to lend a hand — is yet again true to Aaron’s form.

“It’s pretty rooted in me,” reflected Kinzle, who at 41 years young stands ever at the ready to help others. “Even in middle school, I would volunteer to help with the Farmer’s Market and highway cleanups. That comes from my mom and dad. I’ve always been a giver.”

Kinzle’s life is a quiet one, his days spent mostly with his partner Mitchell Ewy and their two cats. But this Thanksgiving, as nearly every long-standing holiday tradition now wobbles under the pandemic, stories like his are a welcome reminder of the best in us.

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