Airport considered as hub for firefighting

An aerial firefighting crew wants to use the Allen County airport to refill its water tanks if it were called to fight a wildfire in Southeast Kansas. The Allen County airport is ideal because of the length of its runway, but it would need a fire hydrant that could fill the airplane tanks.



April 13, 2022 - 3:38 PM

Allen County’s airport could become a hub for wildfire fighting.

An aerial firefighting crew based in Hutchinson wants to use the local airport as a place to refill their water tanks if there is a major wildfire in the area, Jason Trego, emergency management director, and Jonathon Goering, economic development director with Thrive Allen County, told county commissioners at their meeting Tuesday morning.

The large tanker planes need to be filled with water from a fire hydrant. Currently, the airport does not have such a hydrant, but it could be added as part of a series of planned infrastructure improvements.

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