ACARF eyes July 5 opening



May 26, 2010 - 12:00 AM

The Allen County Animal Rescue Facility is gearing for a July 5 opening.
Members of ACARF’s Board of Directors gave a brief rundown Tuesday to Iola commissioners about the shelter’s progress.
Andi DePriest was hired earlier this month as the director of the LaHarpe-based animal shelter. She is currently training at the Lawrence Humane Society through this week and perhaps longer.
ACARF also is acquiring more supplies and equipment, such as cages, prior to the opening.
Larry Macha, speaking on behalf of the ACARF board, told commissioners that they will offer the shelter to each of the communities of Allen County at a rate of $75 per dog or cat brought in.
“That’s probably a little cheap for a dog and a little expensive for a cat,” Macha said. “We wanted one, flat rate.”
ACARF will require that any animals that are adopted from the shelter be spayed or neutered.
“We hope that decreases the number of stray dogs and cats,” Macha said. “Those numbers are increasing now.”
ACARF also will offer microchips to aid in recovery of lost animals; offer education and training to those who adopt animals; and provide classes to schoolchildren on the proper care of pets.
Finally, Macha repeated ACARF’s need for financial help.
“We’re not here for a formal request,” Macha said, “but this is a crucial time for us.”

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