A mark in time for Southwind Extension office


Local News

July 2, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Extension Agent for Agriculture

With the addition of Woodson County to the Southwind District, July 1, 2018 is an important mark in time for K-State Research and Extension. The extension districting model has been in place in Kansas since 1994 when Lincoln and Mitchell Counties formed the Post Rock District, and currently contains 50 counties in 17 districts across the state.

Increased efficiency and effectiveness were major forces when the 1991 Kansas Legislature passed the Extension District Act. The merger of county extension councils can result in increased efficiency of resources and greater effectiveness of personnel through specialization, resulting in higher quality educational programming for Kansas citizens.

Locally, the South-wind District was formed in 2010 with Allen and Neosho Counties. Bourbon County was added in 2011, and Woodson County joined our family this week. Prior to districting, all extension units operated within their own counties, most commonly with two agents in each office to represent agriculture and family and consumer sciences with shared responsibility for 4-H. In our South-wind district model, each local office houses two agents, but job responsibilities are more focused for better specialization and agents travel throughout the district to meet the needs of local residents.

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