Settling on the location of ‘home’



November 7, 2018 - 10:35 AM

Hello Carolyn: My husband and I are at a crossroads, trying to decide between staying in our current city, near his family and where we have established friends, or moving back to where I am from originally. We would be closer to my parents and in a (hopefully) better job market.

We are both torn by the decision. My siblings and friends no longer live in that city so we would be starting over in many ways. There will always be reasons to stay here and always reasons to leave.

Any advice on how to make the decision and when to know it is right? Sometimes I feel if we don’t move now we never will, even though I know that’s not necessarily true, but each year we are more ingrained in our lives here. I have applied your advice about making the decision and living with that for a while to see how it feels, but I still feel so torn. — Moving Cities

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