Resisting food pressure



August 2, 2018 - 10:39 AM

While Carolyn Hax is away, readers give the advice.

On dieting and resisting food pressure from others:
I’ve found the most effective replies to be those that would be given convincingly by someone who was not a dieter and was merely trying politely to turn down something they did not desire. For instance: No, that’ll do it, thanks [change the subject]; Cheese Hut? I think I’ll pass; Just coffee for me, thanks. If they ask for the extra spoon for a shared dessert, just leave it there without comment.
I don’t know where the expression “Never complain, never explain” came from, but I have found it to be the perfect way to handle this annoyance. —  Been There

After losing 70 pounds, with 25 to go, others decided I look great so don’t need to lose any more. My oncologist disagreed with them. To avoid the stress of a back and forth — “Take it,” “No,” “Take it” — conversation, I just take what’s offered when it’s obvious my refusal isn’t respected. Then, I leave the food uneaten while continuing to visit and enjoy the event. Stress is a contributor to some overeating. — J.

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