Wedding brings out a culture clash

Catered dinner vs. potluck debate illustrates influence of in-laws on couple's intimate wedding plans.



June 9, 2020 - 9:21 AM

Dear Carolyn: We’re planning a small, casual wedding in our backyard. Potluck is very common where I came from, and my fiancee was uncomfortable with the idea, but I was able to convince her that people would much rather bring a covered dish than a gift. Honestly, my family would think we’re putting on airs if we had some fancy catered thing.

My fiancee’s family have now offered to pay for a catered barbecue since they’re appalled by the potluck idea. My fiancee wants to accept, but I’m standing firm on principle, since they’re trying to shame me for my long-standing traditions.

Besides, it sets a bad precedent of my in-laws running our life. My fiancee and I decided to see what you thought. So — catered barbecue or potluck?

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