Ex invites her to the wedding in a supporting role

4-year-old daughter will be a flower girl, and mom is asked to help her through the event.



June 11, 2020 - 9:28 AM

Dear Carolyn: My ex is getting married this fall and wants our 4-year-old daughter to be a flower girl. That’s very nice. He wants me to attend the wedding to help dress and groom her and get her where she belongs at the right times. That’s . . . not so nice.

Why can’t one of his relatives do it? Because they will be “too busy taking pictures and things like that.”

This upsets me in lots of ways. I am sure he would never ever be willing to dedicate an entire day to MY hypothetical wedding. I feel it reduces me to being a supporting player in his life, and also the fact that his fiancee is okay with this sends a weird message that I am soooo not a threat.

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