Brother-in-law unhappy with lucrative job

Sister's husband has a well-paying job, but his constant complaints about work while others are struggling to make ends meet has ruffled some feathers.



April 11, 2022 - 3:53 PM

Dear Carolyn: I’m very lucky to live close to my sister, whom I love being around, but I am having a hard time with her husband. He talks often about his stressful career and all his money. He works from home at a very lucrative tech job that provides him ample time to be around his family.

My husband works with at-risk youth in a job that has become even more physically and emotionally taxing for all of us during Covid. I’m really proud of the sacrifices my family has made so that my husband can do the meaningful work he does, and I want to be sympathetic to whatever stress my brother-in-law feels in his day-to-day, but my well has run dry. I think he’s trying to impress us but he really doesn’t get his audience.

Is there a way to tactfully bring this up to him? Or can you provide some motivating new perspective so that I can be more sympathetic? —All out of [Figs]

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