Lifestyle changes can be life-changing



September 24, 2019 - 9:56 AM

Dear Dr. Roach: I ran across a recent article of yours about carotid artery stenosis. In this article you state that “there is no miracle food, drink or supplement that can clear out arteries.”

This is actually not true. I’d like to point out Dr. Dean Ornish’s work as well as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s work on heart disease. Both doctors showed regression in coronary plaques in their patients who followed a whole food plant-based diet. One young patient who suffered a heart attack even saw complete reversal in his coronary artery blockage on a whole food plant-based diet.

I’d encourage you to check out their studies and books if you haven’t done so already. Their work is very encouraging and shows that we do not have to succumb to heart disease. — K.G.

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