Explaining to kids why family is estranged



December 4, 2018 - 9:44 AM

Hi, Carolyn: My father is a narcissist living in a different country. I made peace with who he is a long time ago and don’t have a relationship with him. I don’t feel any connection to him at all.

My two children, 6 and 10, have never met him and have only spoken with him over the phone a couple of times. I don’t want them to have a relationship with him considering all the abuse, poor judgment and bad behavior he exhibited while married to my mother.

How do I explain this to them now, and as they grow? What is appropriate, healthy and honest? It’s unlikely they will really have any contact with him since he’s in his 80s, but I also want to be able to talk with them about it and about him. How do I do that? — A Caring Mom

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