Antiques store find a Humboldt treasure



July 25, 2019 - 9:04 AM

This letter from her son, Virgil Henry, is but one of several keepsakes Edna Klingensmith of Humboldt saved in a recipe box. Ed Hennessy, Gilbert, Ariz., discovered the keepsakes in an antique store.

A purchase in a Phoenix antiques store has led Chicago native Ed Hennessy to reach out to Register readers as to the whereabouts of a Lillian Henry, her sister, Mary I. Chesney, formerly of Kansas City, circa 1964, or their descendants.

Lillian Henry was married briefly to Humboldt native Virgil Henry, son of Edna Rivers Klingensmith, before he was killed on his 22nd birthday in World War II. 

Hennessy stumbled onto letters and other keepsakes exchanged between Virgil and his mother and wife for the two years he was separated from his loved ones, stored in a recipe box. 

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